William Whatley

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Rock Star Coding Team Leader

Nickname "The Architect"

William Whatley is the visionary software creator of Hempliance. He has held positions as a data engineer, software engineer, finance manager, and as an account executive project manager. Before Hempliance, Whatley launched a startup automotive business from zero to 120 cars on his lot while finishing his education. After graduation, he led an Executive team and built large databases for Austin Energy, Jacksonville Electric and Liberty Utility.  That database controlled, Joplin, MO, Jacksonville, FL, Austin, TX, and Dallas, TX, which comprises most of the electrical grid across the United States.


Working these positions gave him the experience to develop and found Hempliance. Whatley envisioned a way to revolutionize the hemp and cannabis markets by creating a digital roadmap from seed genetics tracking, planting, harvesting and even to bank compliance solutions. He took his time to find the right team to help him complete his vision to help farmers stay in compliance and be able to easily sell their hemp crops. Now, Hempliance does far more than Whatley’s original vision, expanding almost daily.


Whatley attended University of Texas-Austin and Texas State University obtaining a Computer Science Degree with dual degrees in Computer Information Systems/Quantitate Statistics. As a Navy veteran, he served in HS-2, a Search and Rescue Squadron deployed to the U.S.S. Nimitz during Operation Desert Shield.