“The Hempliance application gives our management team and our partner farmers the data tracking we need in the palm of our hand without duplication of efforts. From field to processing, we have the ability to track our progress across all aspects of the operation in a mobile environment – and with the desktop interface our internal staff can access real-time data from the field without using multiple systems and software. Chain of custody that is created within the application naturally is not only used to verify the when and where, but gives us a historical record for review and modification to future planning processes. Quite simply, this saves us time, money, and people resources.”

- John C. Bradley, CEO of Tetra Hemp Company

“It’s an easy process to keep track of all our paperwork, including compliance documents without having to have costly accountants. We use Hempliance to track where the flowers are, what they look like, how much we are feeding them and when the last feeding was. It’s all in pictures that we can share with a link. We get a manifest to send out for official samples. We also take pictures when we cure it and retest. The App is self-explanatory to use … We like the ease and convenience of the Hempliance software solution. It has everything we need in one place: compliance records, pictures, data and more. It’s all there when we need it to change and grow with us. And the records are kept for the full 5 years needed for compliance.” 


- Dominic Leone of Alternative Solutions, Seguin, Texas

“ For me personally I think the HempRoad App just makes the job of sampler a bit easier – gives more security for the grower, as well to track the chain-of-custody and see the pictures of the clippings that we are taking for their samples. Texas requires independent samplers to obtain a license to be able to pull that official sample and confirm that producers have a lot permit set up for each variety that they have planted, because the state of Texas requires that you can only have one variety per lot. With the Hempliance App farmers and growers use, I like the fact that it allows the farmer to be able to track their growth. And take pictures of individual plants and the lots that they have. And this actually allows them to be able to track the health of the plants and those trends, day-by-day."

- Matt Buchanan of Jane Sampling


“I highly recommend the Hempliance platform (app and dashboard) that we are using. At a glance we can see everything we need for analysis—climate data, crop data, location and all the other information we need—as part of the pilot program for hemp genetic characterization. Hempliance is a strong partner. The company already is providing training and intends to offer internships.”

- Aruna D. Weerasooriya, Ph.D. FLS., Prairie View A&M University