David Mecteaux 

VP of Technology 

Rock Star Coding Team Member 

Nickname "Ninja"

David Mecteaux has been a .NET Senior Software Developer since 2005 and has created many desktop, web and mobile apps for national and international companies.

At The Banker’s Toolbox he was Sr. Developer. He was responsible for the team that created the software to any detect fraud issues within their system. Then at Ecolabs, he was a Team Leader that created a scheduling software to schedule what chemicals were made at different vats worldwide. While at Dell, Mecteaux was Sr. Developer for the software that directed all the Dell pc’s to update at one time for companies that used Dell computers.

Macteaux designed and created mobile software that allowed electrical companies a mobile design for power grids throughout the U.S. for GeoSpatial Innovations. He also designed a tracking software for 3M for Department of Motor Vehicles in each state. That tracking system was designed to keep up with expired or invalid driver’s licenses. He worked on a solo project for Benchtree that made the software that collected the data fences at the bottom of the drill for their data tables in the oil field. He has successfully led several teams of software developers through all the various stages of the SDLC (software development life cycle). He brings specialties with GPS and GIS data tracking systems programming to the Hempliance project.

David Mecteaux, with top secret clearance, served in the Maine Air National Guard for nine years where he trained Airmen how to setup secure computer and phone networks. Mecteaux is a University of Southern Maine graduate who majored in Computer Science.