Tamper-Proof Compliancy Records for Security

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Protect and safeguard your essential documentation. The Hempliance solution maintains secure, trusted blockchain data for the Industrial hemp industry about hemp seed selection, planting GPS, lab tests, transport, sales transactions and more.

Hempliance enables growers and other hemp supply chain users to instantly make and track secure transactions on a network that serves (samplers, labs and transporters, without any middlemen. The blockchain records provide tamper-proof compliancy records.

There is more to success in industrial hemp beyond holding a current state license and plot (lot) permits, farmers/growers and samplers must maintain, back up and protect their records for legal proof regulators want, including:

  • Accurate, verifiable legal records of specific planting location/plot

  • Genetics verification

  • Laboratory tests for THC level

  • Proof of disposal of any “hot” crops that exceed the maximum

  • Travel manifests to transport samples and harvested crops

  • And ultimately, sales records that comply with KYC – Know Your Customer and stringent AML (anti-money-laundering) criteria are necessary for banks and lenders.

Those who are unable to submit legally accepted positive proof can be fined, or even banned by state regulators. So the quality of record-keeping is important.

The safest way to achieve true traceability is through the convenient Hempliance mobile application platforms that record GPS, time-stamping, and other key events within blockchain.

“It works in the field,” says Will Whatley, the innovator and architect behind the Hempliance system. “Without always being actively connected to a cell tower signal, Hempliance mobile apps gather data and photos to an internal database that includes time and location data. Users later download and upload the event records when they have access to a Wi-Fi signal. Events include GPS coordinates, timestamps, and each user’s digital fingerprint which are then stored in blockchain as immutable blocks of information.”

The Hempliance system is designed to safeguard each user’s documents for legal proof of compliance to the state and USDA standards and requirements, while also minimizing the administrative burden for farmers.

What Whatley says

Hempliance encryption algorithms ensure that no record of a transaction on blockchain can be altered after the fact.” Whatley emphasizes, “the farmer’s growth cycle tracked in blockchain ensures that for each one of your events, as they're called, each transaction will be true and will be accepted under the law. It's immutable positive legal proof. Immutable is a key word used in blockchain, to show that everything is permanent and cannot be falsified.

The total system employs state-of-the-art security methodologies: Unique MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for user access, Artificial Intelligence for monitoring, and permanent and immutable blockchain records.

Whatley says, “Our mobile ID validation automatically scans the customer's experience and proof for the validation process during onboarding is compliant with KYC — Know Your Customer and HIPPA. Not only does data in blockchain hold up for the state, it holds up for the sampler, which we found out became a big concern. Firstly, you can see the GPS coordinates where the sample is taken for the benefit of the state regulations. This is where you’ve grown it and this is where the sample is taken. Secondly, the reliability of test results improves by identifying exactly where samples are taken. This location data avoids any possible mix-ups. Samplers love the Hempliance system.”

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