2021 Pilot Program Now Underway With Prairie View University

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Scientific research into seed genetics and how these perform will increase knowledge of best practices for hemp growers and ultimately will contribute to a thriving hemp industry in Texas.

The Hempliance industrial hemp supply chain solution is in use at Prairie View A&M university (PVAMU) to capture and share data needed for a Hemp Genetic Characterization & Testing Pilot Program currently underway. The initial research goals are to:

1. Identify hemp germplasm (genetics) appropriate for the diverse Texas environments.

2. Evaluate hemp strains suited for specific uses. (seed, oil, fiber, etc.)

3. Prepare independent and scientifically verified information for growers.

The research leader, professor Aruna D. Weerasooriya, Ph.D. FLS., says, I highly recommend the Hempliance platform (app and dashboard) that we are using. At a glance we can see everything we need for analysis—climate data, crop data, location and all the other information we need—as part of the pilot program for hemp genetic characterization. Hempliance is a strong partner. The company already is providing training and intends to offer internships.”

Seed suppliers are encouraged to submit seeds for testing, genetic analysis and characterization by PVAMU's researchers. Dr. Aruna explained the long-range perspective, “Our goal is to analyze every hemp plant available in the U.S., so that we all can understand the genetic complexity and performance. And, in the longer term, it is possible for us to use genome editing to control or remove unwanted characteristics. The outcome can create genotypes with high-yielding and more strong fiber, more seed protein and oil, less or zero THC and high-CBD in trichomes.”

PVAMU and Hempliance are seeking to work with seed providers around the country to help them identify and prove the ideal growing conditions for their genetics.

Send seeds for study to:

Attn: Dr Aruna Weerasooriya

Cooperative Agricultural Research Center

College of Agriculture & Human Sciences

Prairie View A&M University

PO Box 519 – 700 University Dr.

Prairie View, Texas 77446-0519

"The amount of legitimacy that real science brings to the hemp industry is invaluable," says Nathan Murphy, vp of outreach for Hempliance Inc. We are happy to play a part in collecting the data for this project and look forward to serving farmers in Texas and beyond with tools to keep improving our knowledge year after year. We look forward to connecting with more farmers interested to participate in field trials this year. Space is limited but inquiries are always welcome." To learn about how farmers and producers can participate in the Pilot Program, contact Nathan Murphy.

UPDATE: We are looking for farmers to provide 2021 growing data for the research for Prairie View A&M University's Pilot Program," using the Hempliance app that records details of your hemp crop and lab tests within tamper-proof blockchain to protect compliance and support sales. Farmers can apply for the 2021 Hemp Pilot Program here.

December orientation and training for Prairie View A&M University research team. Group from left to right: PVAMU Greenhouse Manager Rafash Brew; Professor & Research Leader Dr. Aruna Weerasooriya; Hempliance Inc. Chief Architect William Whatley; Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Addisie Yalew; Director, Agro-Innovation and Technology Center Ashwani Srivastava

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