New HempRoad App tracks and verifies chain-of-custody

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

When samples ship from lot-to-lab or a hemp crop is transported after harvest, Hemp Road tracks the chain-of-custody. Samplers and transporters can see electronic hemp transport manifests on a smart phone or other GPS-capable device.


Each lot is assigned a unique Hempliance QR code, which is updated with new data over time. Photo or video records of sample cuttings automatically contain a timestamp and GPS location. The map in the app traces and records the shipment travel route with frequent timestamps. Likewise, transfer of the crop after harvest can be traced from the farmer/grower to the processing or decortication facility.

HempRoad simplifies the sharing of manifests, digitizes chain-of-custody documents, matches COA results, and maintains records for compliance with different levels of access permission for each stakeholder or service to view.

The new app for samplers, transporters, and labs is one part of the fully integrated Hempliance solution with verified chain-of-custody tracing and tracking that safeguards state and USDA compliance records from Plot-to-Purchase. Contact Nathan R. Murphy, with your onboarding questions.

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Hemp Road App launched February 2021 - Photo location courtesy of Riverside Hemp.

Hempliance and HempRoad are registered tradenames of Hempliance Inc., the providers of a secure blockchain-based system tailored for the hemp supply chain, including hemp growers, samplers, labs, hemp processers, buyers, shippers, insurance providers and anyone subject to U.S. and state industrial hemp regulations. (Hempliance does not sell or grow any hemp or hemp byproducts.)

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