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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Now that Hempliance has launched version 3.0 in mid-December 2020, our team wants to help customers understand the tools and the features that can help them stay in compliance.

Nathan R. Murphy, VP of Outreach & Sales at Hempliance Inc., explains it this way, “I translate capabilities into actionable steps that can be taken by farmers, samplers and other customers who use our system.”

A very important part of my role is to ensure that the customers—no matter what part of the supply chain they are in—are able to get value from the services that we offer,” he continues. I help the customers to more easily stay in compliance by explaining how to track their operations and maximize benefits of the digital tools that Hempliance provides, both in the app form and via our new dashboard. The app takes the information that they collect, and our tools give farmers and other users the features and the functionality to be able to upload that into their own secure Private database that is available 24/7 on our secure cloud services.” For a brand-new customer, farmers have the option to sign up after downloading the app to a smart phone or, alternatively, through the website dashboard. The sign-up function can be found directly from our website in the top right-hand corner. There a user can click Sign Up to create a new account or find Log In for an existing account.

In order to have usable compliance documentation at the end of the year, farmers need to provide specific information including the location of their farm, their identification documents including grower ID and Lot Permits (both of which are issued by the TDA in Texas), their state driver's license, a front facing photo and a cell phone number. That baseline of information, provided at signup, will ensure compliance records are maintained for both the USDA (3 years) and the TDA (5 years). Nathan explains more about the process, “Entering information on a smartphone is easy. Inside the system, we have a list of legal seeds/genetics from the seed store (unique for each state). From there, the app allows users to take pictures of their lot at each stage of the growth cycle. One of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) we recommend is for growers to take a picture of their genetics receipt during the "Seed" stage. This simple step will protect against future disputes by showing the supplier who they got their genetics (seeds or clones) from."

When farmers are planting seeds, they simply upload or take pictures on their phone for that seed stage. Hempliance will automatically create documentation to meet record-keeping requirements that all hemp farmers are required to have on file – at the ready to show to any USDA or TDA inspectors. Hempliance stores these records in a convenient place. They will be issued as an email and users can pull them up on-demand at any time from their website dashboard page.

If customers have any particular questions within the app or if they don't understand why they would use a certain feature, Nathan Murphy can provide answers to their questions. For instance, tips on the camera function or how to utilize creating lots, anything that relates to use of the tools can be explained.

Nathan says, “Because hemp is still such a young industry, communication and networking is vastly important for the success of farmers, both during the growth cycle to create the crops, but also after they're done growing so that they can then have outlets and be able to sell their crops. We have resources that help customers do that, too.”

Contact Nathan R. Murphy, nathan@hempliance.app with your onboarding questions.

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Nathan R Murphy, VP Outreach & Sales at Hempliance at 2020 demo with Prairie View A&M

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