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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Independent sampling and testing for the measurement of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of industrial hemp is a crucial step for compliance under Texas law; hemp producers in Texas may not harvest hemp prior to the crop being sampled and tested for THC concentration.

"Sampling guidelines in other states are much different from Texas, explains Matt Buchanan of Jane Sampling. "Some states allow the producer or the grower to pull their own samples to send it to a lab and obtain that test, but Texas requires independent samplers to obtain a license to pull official samples and confirm that a lot permit was set up for each variety planted, because the state of Texas requires only one variety per lot.”

Matt Buchanan of Jane Sampling shares his insights on the importance of sampling for TDA compliance in the Texas hemp industry:

"For me personally I think the HempRoad App just makes the job of sampler a bit easier – gives more security for the grower, as well to track the chain-of-custody and see the pictures of the clippings that we are taking for their samples. With the Hempliance App farmers and growers use, I like the fact that it allows the farmer to be able to track their growth. And take pictures of individual plants and the lots that they have. And this actually allows them to be able to track the health of the plants and those trends, day-by-day," says Matt.

How HempRoad Works

Currently, whenever Matt goes to do the sample, he uses the HempRoad app to take a picture of the cuttings, and the clippings of the plant that are going to be used to sample. He says, "It allows the producer, such as a farmer or grower, to be able to see exactly what sample was taken and have that on his record"

He continues, "Then, HempRoad allows me to be able to scan the legally required transportation manifest. Also, it makes records for the producer with video or pictures that document the sample in real time, then tracks transporting it to the lab or taking that sample to the post office.

They know exactly where that sample is, they know when it's getting to the lab, and they also have the pictures of the clippings that were taken for compliancy records.

It provides validation for the producer – making sure that that their sample gets to the lab in a timely manner, or it gets the post office in a timely manner. And it also allows them access to all the photos with those clippings.

If the test comes out too high, they take a look at those clippings and most important, know exactly where it was pulled and plan when to harvest. Also, the records will help comparisons year-to-year.

We often work with New Bloom Labs in Dallas, which offers a one-day turnaround for potency tests. That is very important in the industry, because currently Texas farmers have just 15 days to harvest that crop following the official sample."

A Family Business

When the hemp market opened up in Texas, Matt and Kenzie Buchanan realized this was something they wanted to be a part of and started making contacts and gathering information. Matt reported that In May 2020, they applied for the sampling license for Texas. His wife Kenzie and he want to do their part to grow the Texas hemp industry. CBD has become very beneficial to their health and is a necessity in their daily lives. Matt grew up in Lubbock, Texas, where agriculture is everywhere. He even worked on a cotton farm for a little while.

"Jane Sampling offers fast, efficient hemp sampling, with transparent pricing," says Matt. "We are in this business to help grow the industry; our success starts with the producer’s success. When our clients choose Jane Sampling as their hemp sampling company, they receive year-round compliance consulting, and a helping hand from seed to sale."

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Under Texas laws, hemp producers may not harvest hemp prior to the hemp being sampled and tested for THC concentration. Samples are required to be taken from a lot within 15 days prior to the anticipated harvest of cannabis plants.

Unofficial samples may be taken to determine cannabinoid development in order to measure time to harvest and understand product quality. It is the responsibility of the licensed producer to pay any fees associated with sampling by an authorized representative of the Texas Department of Agriculture, such as an independent licensed sampler or TDA inspector/agent.

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“HempRoad provides true and verified chain-of-custody records for compliance,” says Hempliance Co-founder Will Whatley. “Whenever a sample or a crop with a unique QR code is moved, HempRoad can record the GPS location and timestamp in real time. We developed this robust app to map the transportation of hemp with pinpoint accuracy."
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