HempSeed Database

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The Hempliance software system contains an extensive seed database that enables farmers and growers to find a list of state-approved hemp seeds.

Reporting and record keeping are a crucial part of staying in compliance and avoiding costly fines. Along with exact location of lots, regulatory authorities require detailed information on the origin of hemp seeds planted and the entity that supplied the hemp seeds.

How HempSeed works

A list of approved seeds displays inside the Hempliance App and prompts the farmer/grower to Choose A Seed Strain from the list and add quantity. Then, the system automatically pulls in the required genetics information. This information is required to complete any compliance documents for the USDA and state for the farmer to submit.

Benefits of HempSeed

  • Approved seeds are tagged for states and easy to find.

  • Users can autofill and complete required forms quickly and accurately.

  • The records are maintained for 5 years as required for compliance.

Hemp Industry Research

As the system records a granular level of data on growing and results over time, the machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in our system will support the research and development initiatives and pilot programs that Hempliance is collaborating on with agricultural universities, including Prairie View A&M University.

Currently, the Hempliance Seed Database (Hemp Store) contains detailed information on 840+ hemp seeds. The information is updated quarterly.

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