Hempliance 3.0 Delivers Key Capabilities for the Hemp Industry

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

The mid-December 2020 launch of version 3.0 by Hempliance Inc. delivers on the promises of an enhanced Hempliance Hemp Supply Chain Solution that affords ease of access 24/7 for compliance and crop sales.

What's new?

- Built-in QR codes identify each lot of industrial hemp in immutable blockchain records for true chain-of-custody proof. Farmers/growers can have confidence about the precise GPS location when samples are submitted for lab testing.

- The HempRoad component supports transportation of samples -- and ultimately moving the final harvest to its destination. HempRoad enables detailed on-location photo or video-captures that protect farmers from any potential misunderstandings. The electronic record eliminates paperwork and also removes the risk of misidentification during routine law enforcement checkpoints.

- And, last but not least, the new View-it-all Dashboard enables review and analysis of all data the apps record for every stage in the process. The powerful new browser-based dashboard provides the big picture and simplifies collaboration between farmers, co-ops, samplers, labs, researchers and even (with permission) state agencies. Information is shown in easy-to-understand graphical displays.

As the industrial hemp industry grows, Hempliance 3.0 brings the scalability, accuracy and transparency to enable growers, processors and agencies to cost effectively automate record-keeping and compliance to meet the projected demand.

For a demo or on boarding help, contact: Nathan Murphy

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Hempliance Inc. provides a secure Plot-to-Purchase platform for the hemp supply chain. The Austin-based company offers blockchain-based software solutions for chain-of-custody, tracing, tracking and compliance documentation for hemp growers, samplers, labs, hemp processors/buyers, shippers, banking, insurance providers and anyone subject to industrial hemp regulations in the USA and Canada.

View-It-All Dashboard Hempliance Inc.

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