Considering an early Spring planting?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Industrial hemp prefers to emerge in cooler temperatures. The crop can tolerate light early freezes.

In States like Colorado, it is recommended to plant hemp as soon as soil temperatures reach 40 degrees Fahrenheit. However, for farmers in the Southern tier of the U.S, soil temperatures may never be as cold as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it is recommended to plant certified hemp seed in the first early spring slot. This helps get the crop get ahead of weeds.

South Texas farmers may plant some varieties of hemp in Mid-February to Mid-March for harvest soon after the June 21st solstice – getting ahead of the hottest months in USDA Zones 8b-9b. Different seed varieties have very different growth patterns and uses. For instance, International Hemp’s Bialobrzeskie variety can reach heights of 14-16 feet tall and is well suited for fiber production. However, International Hemp’s Henola variety typically reaches between 6-8 feet in height, and is typically cultivated for its nutrient-rich grain. There are many variables to consider, depending on the latitude, microclimate, and the desired crop end-use.

Hemp is a heavy feeder, and should be planted in a well-prepared soil. It’s helpful to learn more about selecting a field for Industrial Hemp Production. The best practice is to always get a soil sample tested.

International Hemp's Eric Singular comments:

"The desired end use of a hemp crop should determine which genetics to grow and the method of harvesting. Farmers are reluctant to grow hemp without a forward contract from a buyer and they should be - we've seen too much hemp grown without an end market. Nonetheless, 2021 will be a great year as many transitions from cannabinoid production to fiber and grain, but we have to walk before we run and trials are the best way to address many of the obstacles to the hemp industry, including what hemp seed varieties are best suited for the Southern U.S."

International Hemp is the exclusive licensor of two industrial hemp varieties bred by the oldest hemp institute in the world – the Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants in Poznan, Poland. Through this international partnership and our alignment with agricultural professionals and organizations, International Hemp provides U.S. farmers with the highest quality, high-yielding, AOSCA and OECD certified industrial hemp seed in North America. Seed Catalog

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