Farmers/Growers & Seed Providers

  • Download the Hempliance App

  • Sign up

  • Create lots 

  • Collect "Proof-of-Life" data

  • Sell crop and put the money in the bank 

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    Hempliance recognized that both a mobile application and a web-based dashboard would work best to implement true compliance and ease of access in the field, easy scalability, plus reduced administrative time and cost.

    Our solution delivers native mobile applications for every user in the hemp supply chain. The mobile platform app solution meets the GPS, timestamp and user recognition requirements with blockchain. onboards growers, licensees and other users via a mobile smartphone device found in almost every person's pocket.

The Hempliance growers component provides documentation from Plot-To-Purchase

  • The Grower selects seed to plant per lot.

  • Grower assigns QR Code per seed/lot.

  • It creates GPS coordinates for each planted lot.

  • Grower captures data and pictures of monthly growth cycle for Proof of Life.