Our Team Members


Willam Whatley

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

The visionary software creator behind Hempliance, Will is most often seen providing product demos and answering technical questions about the system he has developed. Prior to his focus on the agricultural sector, he gained a remarkable set of skills and experience as a data engineer, software engineer, finance manager and IT project manager. Will leads the Rock Star Coding Team. 


David Mecteaux

VP of Technology 

David Mecteaux has been a .NET Senior Software Developer since 2005 and has created many desktop, web and mobile apps for national and international companies. David is a GIS and GPS specialist and part of our Rock Star Coding Team Member

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Naveen Karamchetti

Co-Founder & CTO

Naveen brings 20+ years of experience as a senior software engineer and specialist in mobile applications development to his central role as Chief Technology Officer for He earned his stellar reputation as a major architect on the

Wells Fargo and blockchain encryption platforms. Now, Naveen is the engineer behind our amazing Rock Star Coding Team. 


Sherry A. Boyd

Strategic Marketing & Media Consultant 

Sherry A. Boyd is passionate about environmental issues and tackling the challenge of Climate Change. She resides on a hobby farm in rural Central Texas with her husband, a U.S. Army veteran who retired from the Department of Defense-DALC Denver in 2016.


Nathan Murphy 

VP of Outreach & University Research

With degrees in business, economics and entrepreneurship, Nathan has taken his passion for the Hemp Industry into the software world. Recognizing that navigating the shifting regulatory framework is important for the industry to do well, he is serving his extensive network by helping to bring this revolutionary software to market.

L. Mike Smith Headshot.jpg

L. Mike Smith

Business Development

L. Mike Smith, a Cowboy who knows how to spot a good deal and loves to find the holes in the swiss cheese, is instrumental in putting together the Hempliance R&D Alliance.