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New Product Announcement for the Industrial Hemp Industry

The HempRoad App now available for download

Austin, Texas, USA— March 25, 2021 —Hempliance Inc launched the Hemp Road App for the 2021 growing season

       HempRoad simplifies the sharing of manifests, digitizes chain-of-custody documents, matches COA results, and maintains records for compliance with different levels of access permission for each stakeholder or service to view. 


       Samplers and transporters can see electronic hemp transport manifests on a smart phone or other GPS-capable devices using the app. Farmers and growers can be certain of the origin of the sample tested with positive lot identification. Download information: Http://


       “HempRoad provides true and verified chain-of-custody records for compliance,” says Hempliance Co-founder Will Whatley. “Whenever a sample or a crop with a unique Hempliance QR code is moved, HempRoad can record the GPS location and timestamp in real time. We developed this robust app to map the transportation of hemp with pinpoint accuracy."

       HempRoad is one part of the fully integrated Hempliance solution with verified chain-of-custody tracing and tracking that safeguards state and USDA compliance records from Plot-to-Purchase. 

Full details and onboarding support call 512-318-1706 or email 



HempRoad was completed in response to feedback from producers, co-ops, samplers, transporters, and labs that identified a need verify true chain-of-custody and quality assurance for compliance with an easy-to-use app that precisely pinpoints the transit of samples to a lab or crops to processors after harvest.

          For me personally I found the HempRoad App just makes the job of sampler a bit easier – gives more security for the grower, as well to track the chain-of-custody and see the pictures of the clippings that we are taking for their samples. With the Hempliance App farmers and growers use, I like the fact that it allows the farmer to be able to track their growth. And take pictures of individual plants and the lots that they have. And this actually allows them to be able to track the health of the plants and those trends, day-by-day. 

- Matt Buchanan co-owner of Jane Sampling in Texas.   

       As the industrial hemp industry grows, the award-winning blockchain-based Hempliance system provides the secure record-keeping scalability, accuracy and transparency to cost-effectively serve the projected demand for industrial hemp and navigate the highly regulated marketplace. 



Hempliance Inc. provides a secure Plot-to-Purchase solution for the total hemp supply chain. Based in Austin, Texas, Hempliance offers award-winning blockchain-based software solutions for Chain-of-Custody (CoC), tracing, tracking and compliance documentation for hemp growers, samplers, labs, hemp processors and extractors, buyers, shippers, insurance providers and anyone subject to industrial hemp regulations in the USA. Hempliance is a registered trademark of Hempliance Inc.                                                                



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