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The HempLab Component is using HempRoad App.

HempLab Platform will be launched in Second Quarter, 2021

The HempLab Component documents the authenticity of the hemp.

  • A Grower prints QR Code for test samples with a date stamp per lot.

  • The Lab receives a sample and verifies with QR Code.

  • A Hemp Potency Test is performed.

  • The Certificate of Analysis (COA) is generated by the lab.

  • The secure COA automatically uploads to the app.

  • All documents will be electronic including COA's

  • The app alerts Grower and government agencies that a COA is available.

  • If a sample comes back Hot, alerts are sent to all components

  • When multiple-lot were tested, the GPS identifies the Hot Lot.

**This is a service. Some configuration may be required which Hempliance's Rock Star Coding Team will handle.